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X-ray Inspection System for package

  • X-ray Inspection System for package
X-ray Inspection System for package
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- Excellent hardware stability based on industrial PC and PLC architecture.

- Automatic parameter setting by intelligent automatic  product sampling function.

- Multiple image recognition algorithms improve detection stability.

- AI intelligent  foreign object software recognition algorithm, Improve image recognition sensitivity

Globally reputed components
- US VJ signal generator
- Finnish DeeTee receiver
- Danish Danfoss frequency converter
- German Pfannebe industrial air conditioner
- French Schneider electric unit
- US Interoll electric roller conveying system
- Taiwanese Advantech industrial computer and IEI touch screen.

Sctandard Xray inspecton system
- Mechanical rejector will be activated once foreign object inside the package is detected.
- Detection width: 240/400/500/600mm
- Detection height: 100/160/220/250/300/350mm
- Carrying weight: 15kg/25kg/50kg/100kgC
- Customization according to customer's requirement.

Various Rjection Modes
- Flap
- Flipper
- Pusher