Shanghai BHI instrument Co., LTD. has an elite research and development team, among which all team members were outstanding graduates from the famous universities in China. Based on the most productive national wireless research center and its advanced RF meter equipment, BHii has developed platforms for sensor design, circuit design, software design, mechanical design and has acquired many core technology patents that merged into every detail of BHI products.

Wireless RF Research Center
  Where comes our exquisite and excellent wireless technology? A complete range of RF test equipment including German Rhode & Schwartz N9000, US Agilent spectrum analyzer, Agilent signal generator and other high-end instruments have been working with us.



Sensor Design
  BHI’s UNIX wireless simulation system makes wireless signals become visible signal spectrum, for sensor design this provides reference data. 


Hardware Design
  BHI’s R&D team provides deep customization with its own chip level hardware design capability.


Software Design
BHI’s R&D team also provides deep customization with its own code level software design capability.


Mechanism Design
Like many of our peers BHI’s 3D mechanical design capability, We designed a product in 3D mode at design period to meet the need of customer.